Stand Against Racism 2015 Calendar

YWCA San Antonio

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2014 Annual Report

Learning Leaders

An Annual Report for Learning Leaders, a New York City-based non-profit that trains parent and community volunteers to provide support in public schools. The final product focuses on P.S. 180, showcasing the work of students, teachers, volunteers and Learning Leaders.

Lightheads Book Trailer

A book trailer for Lightheads, a YA sci-fi novel set in a future where children are schooled to become intergalactic salesmen for Earth’s dying industries.



An edible, cotton candy weight of the typeface Helvetica.


Congregation Beth Elohim Online

Congregation Beth Elohim

A warm, welcoming and informative web site and identity for Brooklyn’s fastest-growing synagogue.

Pretty Penny: The Movie

A book trailer introducing Pretty Penny, star of a book series that teaches financial principles to young girls.


Hot’s Not Cool

New York Times Sunday Magazine

This tableau was created for William Safire’s column “On Language” from Lego bricks, Play-Doh, rubber snakes, a basketball and construction paper. And robots. Everything is better with robots.


Stand Against Racism

YWCA of San Antonio

An exhibition (and pop up web site) at the Institute of Texan Cultures that highlights race in America as a socially constructed concept, thereby subverting race and prejudice.


Idelsohn Digital Archive

Idelsohn Society for Musical Preservation

An online compendium of documentary interviews, songs, videos and photographic ephemera from some of the greatest names in Jewish music.

Are you there, God? It’s us!

Tablet Magazine

A video supplement to a weekly column in Tablet Magazine in which Marjorie Ingall asked her daughter and friends heady questions about God, the afterlife and the origin of evil. You know, kids stuff.


Potential Energy

School of Visual Arts

The online archive of the 2009 MFA Design thesis show at the School of Visual Arts.


Imagination Station

The physical embodiment of our imagination, comprised of all the comics, records, costumes, toys and colors that inform individual creativity.


Pleasing To Your Ears

A semi-monthly podcast of new music that chooses the songs, so you don’t have to.

Temperature Rising

Artist as Citizen

A video developed with friend and designer Lara McCormick for Artist as Citizen and the NY Times blog Dot Earth.

Designer as Entrepreneur Titles

School of Visual Arts

Titles for the SVA MFA Designer as Entrepreneur video podcasts, this sequence tracks the evolution of a concept, from idea to market.

Heimdalsgate Like a Promethean Curse

A semester-long project in the Just Type course at the SVA MFA Designer as Author program, set to the song by Of Montreal.


Idelsohn Society Online

Idelsohn Society for Musical Preservation

An online home for the Idelsohn Society for Musical Preservation, an organization that preserves Jewish history through the music we have loved and lost.

Market Value

Tablet Magazine

Chef Melissa Petitto tours the Union Square Greenmarket to find late-summer produce perfect for Rosh Hashanah.


Career Fair Poster

Southwestern University

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