Welcome to the New Home of Flux&Render

Posted on June 1, 2014

Please pardon our dust (bugs) and any glitches (ghosts in the machine) over the next week or so. I’ve just let the site off the leash and have a few kinks to work out from browser to browser.

At this point, the finish line is well within sight. It’s not a stone’s throw away because I was never really good at throwing things. But I can see it and I’m definitely moving in that general direction. The direction of the finish line.

That metaphor just got so dull and muddy…WEB SITES!

As I was saying, the new site is up and running. Most of the projects completed in the last four years are loaded in. I’m still working my way through the remaining pile of videos and a few print pieces that need to be photographed. Thrilling stuff, that. Do check back in the near future to see if I get everything else uploaded.

Or if I fail to throw a stone past the finish line. Remember? That metaphor? From before? Go to bed, me.