2014 Annual Report

Learning Leaders

An Annual Report for Learning Leaders, a New York City-based non-profit that trains parent and community volunteers to provide support in public schools. The final product focuses on P.S. 180, showcasing the work of students, teachers, volunteers and Learning Leaders.


Thank You Cards

Libertine Men & Scarlet Women

An ongoing series of greeting cards featuring botanical etchings, a dreamy, weathered typeface and just a bit of cheek.


Stand Against Racism 2015 Calendar

YWCA San Antonio

A calendar featuring winning entries by middle school artists inspired by the YWCA’s annual Stand Against Racism event.


Lake Cards

Libertine Men & Scarlet Women

A series of notecards inspired by vintage type and wayfinding signage used in and around America’s lake country in Minnesota and Northern Michigan.


Hot’s Not Cool

New York Times Sunday Magazine

This tableau was created for William Safire’s column “On Language” from Lego bricks, Play-Doh, rubber snakes, a basketball and construction paper. And robots. Everything is better with robots.


Junk Food Deterrent Poster

A cautionary poster warning against the negative impact on your health resulting from a diet composed of processed and sugary food.


Career Fair Poster

Southwestern University

Commissioned by my alma mater, Southwestern University, this pair of posters advertised a career fair for graduating seniors. Liberal Arts degree? It’s a jungle out there.

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