An edible, cotton candy weight of the typeface Helvetica.


Light Writers

A workshop intended to develop typographic treatments that were physical, expressive and an extension of the typographer’s body.


Hot’s Not Cool

New York Times Sunday Magazine

This tableau was created for William Safire’s column “On Language” from Lego bricks, Play-Doh, rubber snakes, a basketball and construction paper. And robots. Everything is better with robots.


Urban Cross Stitch

A workshop inspired by traditional needlecraft and a desire to meld that practice with typography on a grand, public scale.

Heimdalsgate Like a Promethean Curse

A semester-long project in the Just Type course at the SVA MFA Designer as Author program, set to the song by Of Montreal.



A workshop that deconstructs traditional letterpress to be more collaborative for a large team of typesetters.


Scan Drag

An experiment in transforming a staid, sans serif into something more expressive, organic and singular.

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