Thank You Cards

Libertine Men & Scarlet Women

An ongoing series of greeting cards featuring botanical etchings, a dreamy, weathered typeface and just a bit of cheek.


Lake Cards

Libertine Men & Scarlet Women

A series of notecards inspired by vintage type and wayfinding signage used in and around America’s lake country in Minnesota and Northern Michigan.


Light Writers

A workshop intended to develop typographic treatments that were physical, expressive and an extension of the typographer’s body.


Urban Cross Stitch

A workshop inspired by traditional needlecraft and a desire to meld that practice with typography on a grand, public scale.

Heimdalsgate Like a Promethean Curse

A semester-long project in the Just Type course at the SVA MFA Designer as Author program, set to the song by Of Montreal.



A workshop that deconstructs traditional letterpress to be more collaborative for a large team of typesetters.


Scan Drag

An experiment in transforming a staid, sans serif into something more expressive, organic and singular.

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